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S MECATRON is a potential subcontractor, involved right from the design and industrialisation phase.
Our fundamental mission is to satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements by offering tailor-made solutions. We are committed to delivering exceptional quality while maintaining competitive costs.
Our strategic location enhances our ability to respond effectively to our customers’ needs. We are located just 20 minutes from the port of Rades and 30 minutes from Tunis Carthage airport.
This proximity to key transport infrastructures enables us to ensure optimal logistics for the distribution of our products and services.

Respect for the environment and sustainability

We are firmly committed to sustainable development and are proud of our approach, which reflects this commitment. Our production methods are carefully designed to minimise our environmental footprint, while maintaining exceptional quality standards.
Choose a partnership that anticipates the future challenges facing our planet.

Our Quality Commitment

At S MECATRON, quality is of paramount importance.
Our rigorous quality control process ensures that every product leaving our processes meets the highest standards.
We implement quality management practices throughout the production chain, including continuous staff training, the use of state-of-the-art equipment, the establishment of strict manufacturing standards and constant process monitoring.
We believe in transparency and open communication with our customers, providing detailed information about our quality control processes and always being ready to respond to any questions or concerns.
Our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation is aimed at ensuring the ongoing satisfaction of our partners and maintaining S MECATRON‘s positive reputation as a supplier of high quality products.

Flexibility and responsiveness: the advantages of subcontracting with S MECATRON

At S MECATRON, industrial subcontracting is more than just outsourcing. We emphasise our flexibility and responsiveness to respond to rapid changes in the industry.
Whether for last-minute adjustments or specific requests, our team is ready to adapt our services to your needs.
With S MECATRON, you benefit from the flexibility you need to remain competitive in a constantly changing industrial environment.

Strengthening local economic links

As a major player in industrial subcontracting in Tunisia, S MECATRON is committed to strengthening local economic ties.
We encourage collaboration with local suppliers and partners, while providing a quality service at a competitive cost and thus contributing to the country’s economic development.
By choosing S MECATRON, you are supporting a local economic dynamic, contributing to the growth and prosperity of Tunisian industry.


Become the privileged, autonomous and flexible partner, delivering SQA products, for each new customer.


  • Sustainability : Our actions are oriented in a long-term vision and in a robustness based approach.
  • Perseverance : We are stubborn to finish everything we start. We deliver the results as promised.
  • Excellence : Everything we do is in continuous improvement process. We are continually looking for a highest levels of performance and quality.


Satisfy our customers needs and requirements by proposing adapted solutions in a high level of quality and a competitive cost.

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